Pro Shop Service


Pro Level Service Craft by CINCH ELITE Team Mechanic Joe Kuhfahl

STAGIAIRE TUNE $125 Great as part of your prep for your next big ride or event. On par with your standard level tune up. Go for this if you do not need many other components installed.
-Wash bike
-Inspect and adjust moving parts and bolts
-Inspect frame and fork
-Adjust derailleurs (front and rear)
-Adjust brakes (front and rear)
-Align wheels and inspect rims
-Adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs
-Brush clean chain and cassette
-Lube chain and derailleur pivots
DOMESTIQUE TUNE $220 Freshen up your bike after a good few months of training and racing. A little love mid season greatly reduces the work needed after a full season. This would be a great time to tackle a chain replacement or some new brake pads/bleed.
-Removal and deep clean chain, cassette (ultrasonic cleaner)
-Removal and deep clean of Crankset
-Brush clean Front & Rear derailleurs
-Full brake bleeds and Piston Cleaning (front and rear)
-Replacement of cable/housing(parts extra)
GC TUNE $350 Is your bike creaky, squeaky, or just generally riding rough? It may be time for a post season revival. This is a full tear down and rebuild to bring your beloved ride back to it's original glory.
-Handlebar wrap install(parts additional)
-Remove and deep clean chain, cassette, cranks, front & rear derailleurs in Ultra Sonic parts cleaner
-Overhaul/Replace headset, bottom bracket (parts additional)
HOT MELT WAX CHAIN TREATMENT $80 Greatly reduce the total friction of your bike and increase the overall life of the chain by up to 10 times. Don't waste energy and money with an improperly treated chain. Perfect for racers looking to save some hard earned watts as well as recreational riders looking to buy chains and lubricate less often.
-Deep clean chain in Ultrasonic Cleaner
-Soak in Hot Melt wax
-Sizing and install of chain
BIKE BUILD FROM BARE FRAME $250 Get the bike of your dreams built up. A full frame-up build allows a customer to choose every single part that gets installed.
-Consultation on part compatibility
-Install Bottom Bracket
-Install Headset
-Complete assembly and tune of Drivetrain
-Install cassette and tires onto wheels
-Install brake system
-Accommodate Desired fit dimensions and trim Steerer tube.