Welcome to CINCH Cycles Pro Shop. Your one-stop-shop for the most comprehensive cycling experience.  We are much more than just your typical bike shop. Our services include custom bike and equipment builds, top level and friendly service, instructional and social group rides, cycling camps for all abilities, in depth custom one-on-one bike fits, and the most innovative coaching in the industry. 

Performance First

We have curated our inventory with one premise in mind: to make cycling better for you.  To do this we have used our deep experience and strong relationships in the industry to bring you the best brand for your specific needs. In our shop you will find the brands of Colnago and Orbea which respectively make up the leaders in design, performance, quality, design, and value for road, gravel, and mountain bike.  

The Difference is in the Details

You have probably heard the term “marginal gains” referenced in how riders and teams succeed in pro cycling.  We believe this way of thinking is not just for winning bike races, but for winning rides.  Whether you are a racer or rider, the time on your bike needs to be as enjoyable as possible.  We use our deep high performance background and intense attention to detail to bring you the components to make your bike ride it’s very best.  We carry the best of the best component brands such as Princeton and Knight wheels, SRAM components, and Quarq power meters help make sure everyone of your rides is a win.

Optimal Nutrition and Recovery

Your experience on the bike extends past your equipment.  How you fuel and recover from your rides truly impacts how your ride feels and that is why we take your nutrition and recovery seriously.  We carry what you need to ride faster, longer, more often, and more enjoyably.   You will find only the best fuel like Untapped maple and Skratch Labs as well as cutting edge recovery products from Hyperice and LatiGO. 

Fit for How You Ride

We believe there is much more to fitting your new bike, or improving the ride quality of your old bike than lasers and angles.  So we created our own fit processes that put you in the optimal position based on the three points of power, hands, core, and feet.  Each person is built differently, as well as has a different style of riding, so we look at how you use your three points of power to produce power and control your bike to come up with the best position on your bike.  

Pro Service

Our background and experience is in professional cycling.  The term “pro” to us is not just a trendy word, it is a way of action and thinking.  We have lived as pros in the sport of cycling and we continue to do so in the way we act and treat our customers.  We believe you should be treated just as we were at the Tour de France level.  This begins with being treated with the highest level of respect.  Whatever your experience level or need is, you will come first.  We also believe in action as when you are a pro.  If something breaks, or it is time to replace your equipment, your need is taken care of immediately.   Pro’s get massive action to their needs and so will you.

Let us work together to bring you the best cycling experience through pro service and expert guidance to match you with the equipment for your cycling needs. 

Please send us a message, stop in and say hello, or better yet, join us for one of our weekly group rides. We look forward to meeting you.

We are located in Prospect in Longmont, CO.





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