VR3s RZRD Disc (frame only)


Performance redefined.

The V3Rs is the best high performance race bike ever made.  In an industry driven by marketing, Ernesto Colnago refuses to follow suit.  In fact, Colnago spent what the big brands spend on marketing on the design and construction on this super bike.  The ONLY marketing the V3Rs received in its short one year existence is organically being the WINNING bike in the world’s biggest race, the Tour de France.  

The V3Rs climbs, accelerates, and rides faster than any bike ever created due to Colnago’s understanding of the components of performance behind the sport of cycling.  The relationship between the rider's hands, core, and feet are where a frame's performance truly must be measured.  

The V3Rs optimizes these three points of power with tube design, unique geometry, carbon layup, and the grade of high quality carbon fiber used. Enersto Colnago commented on the carbon and technology he uses by saying "We use a high quality carbon fibre, the same that Ferrari use for their F1 motor racing cars. The quality is certified, they cut the tube and look at the lugs to check the layup and the quality.”

The superbike characteristics of the V3Rs carry into its bike handling ability as well.  The faster it goes, the slower it feels, keeping cornering sharp and precise while making high speed descents safe and controlled.  

If your cycling aspirations are built around performance, the V3Rs is the ultimate bike for you. 


The concept behind the V3Rs

Lighter: thanks to the use of new high-end carbon fiber, the size 50 disc frame comes to just 790 g, including all metal hardware. As a comparison: the Specialized SL- 7 frame weighs in at a total of 920g. 

Stiffer: Despite the significant reduction in weight, the new V3Rs is 12% stiffer at the rear and 6% stiffer at the front, thanks to the high-grade carbon fiber and design optimizations. And all that with improved compliance, giving you marginal gains in every respect.

More compliance: Both the newly developed frame with the dropped seat stays and the carbon-reinforced headset cups supposedly add a significant amount of compliance allowing you to ride all terrain for as long as your heart desires.

More tire clearance: with room for up to 30 mm wide tires, Colnago is on-trend, giving the V3Rs significantly more reserves for rough asphalt or the occasional gravel road.

Updated geometry: If you fit 30 mm tires, the bike’s centre of gravity moves upwards, which has a negative effect on the handling. To counteract this, the bottom bracket has been dropped by 2-3 mm, depending on the frame size. The V3Rs are available in eight sizes (from 42 to 58) and thanks to size-specific geometry, everyone should be guaranteed to have a good time on the bike.

New cockpit: the cockpit of the V3R has been completely redesigned, offering internal cable routing for the disc brake model throughout. The brake lines are routed through the stem and inside through the carbon fork. The cables for the electronic drivetrain are also routed internally through the frame. Only those who prefer mechanical drivetrains will have to live with short bits of exposed cable before they enter the down tube. This gives the V3Rs a clean look and also offers significant aerodynamic advantages. For the cockpit, Colnago deliberately refrained from using a one-piece stem and handlebar combination. The separate stem allows you to adjust the handlebar to your liking or to fit a different handlebar entirely.

New seat clamp: integrated seat clamps can be a real nuisance. Either they’re difficult to reach or they don’t clamp the seat post tight enough. Colnago have redesigned the seat clamp, offering improved clamping force and easy access, which they’ve integrated beautifully – right behind Ernesto Colnago’s signature.

Geometry Chart