G3X Ultegra G3BK (Complete Bike)


Leading Gravel Performance.

The GX3 is the best high performance gravel bike ever made.  The G3X is a bike made specifically for performance and ignores all the empty trends that flood the popular growing gravel market.  Ernesto Colnago designed a gravel bike that is made to go fast, to accelerate, to corner, to be stable at speed, and to be able to absorb the harshest of elements.  

Colnago designed the G3X using similar construction and geometry to that of the Tour de France winning V3Rs.  The result is a gravel bike that is faster, lighter, and more responsive than the other top ROAD bikes.  That is right, it leaves ALL bikes behind.  When this bike is on the road it rides away from the other high performance road bikes.  When it is on dirt, the same attributes from its lightweight, nimbleness, and torsional stiffness that leave the road bikes behind absolutely demolish other gravel bikes.  Imagine leaving behind all and everyone on every strength of road, paved and unpaved… It is reality with the G3X.  

The G3X, like the V3Rs, optimizes the three points of power (hands, core, feet) with its tube design, unique geometry, carbon layup, and the grade of high quality carbon fiber used.  The faster it goes, the slower it feels, keeping cornering sharp and precise while making high speed descents safe, smooth, and controlled.  

If your gravel and all road aspirations are built around performance, the G3X is the ultimate bike for you.


Geometry Chart: