C64 PJSL Disc (frame only)


Beauty you can see and feel.

The C64 is a head-turner for anyone that is a true road fanatic.  The frame design is iconic, and the painted carbon lugs perfectly contrast the raw tubes. This bike is engineered for passion; to feel everything there is to feel in cycling and then, to simply fall in love with it.

The love for cycling begins with the sense of freedom. The C64 gives you freedom with unprecedented comfort and control.  It’s predictable and top level handling characteristics give you confidence to venture wherever you want to go.  The relationship of trust between rider and machine with the C64 is at an all time high as not only does it feel it’s able, it communicates it as well.  

But don’t let its comfort fool you, this bike performs with the best of them.  The ride quality is very precise with a stiff bottom bracket matched to the asymmetric chain stays and large down tube to optimize torsional stiffness. This combination drives the energy and power transfer directly to the rear wheel. It leaps when called to sprint; it soars up climbs. 

The fork tracks perfectly while absorbing the bumps and road feedback.  The handling is responsive and at speed builds confidence with its predictable handling. 

While Colnago prioritized ride feel when designing the C64, it’s still feathery light with a large 54cm frame coming in under 900g.

When it comes to climbing, this bike is an absolute rocket ship, and the power transfer and low weight offer up a veritable boost of power. Ascents feel natural and are where the bike truly shines.

When it’s all said and done, the C64 is an iconic bike representing Ernesto’s 64 years of dedicated and tireless innovation. The attention to detail is among the best in the frame industry, not just cosmetically, but performance wise as well. 

If you want the ultimate ride, look no further than the legendary C64.


Geometry Chart: